Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of brain injury by 85 percent,
yet only 15 to 25 percent of individuals wear helmets.

What Can You Do?

Pledge to Protect Your Future

Scoot Safe! is a helmet safety campaign at the University of Florida aimed at increasing helmet use and traumatic brain injury awareness among students when biking, scooting and riding motorcycles on campus.

Founded by UF’s Athlete Brain and endorsed by the University of Florida and Pepsi, Scoot Safe! will educate and instill in our fellow Gators the importance of using a helmet. Your Brain Got You Into UF, Protect It!

Your Brain Got You Into UF, Protect It!

I pledge to myself to wear a helmet while biking, skating, scooting, or skateboarding on campus for one year. I choose to protect my future by wearing a helmet as I know that wearing a helmet correctly can often make the difference between life and death following an accident.


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Our Mission

Athlete Brain is a student-run organization founded as a platform to promote concussion education, outreach, and research in the community. We seek to promote better understanding of the emotional, cognitive, and physical implications of concussions through an active, multifaceted dialogue that encourages students to engage in interdisciplinary and inter-community collaboration to enhance concussion knowledge and the health of our community. Athlete Brain challenges all of Florida to Join the Concussion Discussion!